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FX EZ Shot Shooting Chair w/ Shooting Stick

FX EZ Shot Shooting Chair w/ Shooting Stick

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The E-Z Shot Shooting Chair from FX Outdoors ushers in the most convenient, light & portable shooting chair you’ve ever seen. This lightweight yet durable powerhouse of a chair will revolutionize the way you hunt! The E-Z Shot shooting chair is designed to be simple, light, and compact, all while providing a versatile, rock-solid shooting platform. The E-Z Shot weighs just under 10 lbs and folds down so you can easily sling it over a shoulder with the included carrying strap as you move to your next hunting spot.

Set up is just as easy as you unfold the chair and adjust the shooting stick to your liking. The E-Z Shot is easily configured to give you a comfortable and stable platform. The whisper quiet adjustable shooting stick will allow for quick target acquisitions without alerting your prey. The back design of the chair allows for easy pivoting on the base to further aid in the range of target breadth you have.

The E-Z Shot is a perfect set-up for those hunting situations where you need to settle in and spend a long stretch of time hunting. Perfect for bird, turkey, predator, squirrels and more. The possibilities are endless. The E-Z Shot works naturally for elevated hunting (birds, tree squirrels, etc) but also works equally as well on the level and even downhill hunting (turkey, coyote, prairie dog hunting, etc).

The aluminum shooting stick comes equipped with a standard V-Yoke, but this can be removed if you would like to equip other mono pod mountable devices.

Size (Folded) 724mm x 350mm x 180mm   –  28.5” x 13.5” x 7”
Weight 4,4kg  –  9.7 lbs
Chair Angle Adjustable (17°- 31°)
Max Load Weight 114kg  –   250 lbs
Warranty 1 Year Limited

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