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Ripcord Fall-Away Arrow Rest MAX - Black RH

Ripcord Fall-Away Arrow Rest MAX - Black RH

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The new Ripcord Max Standard gives you all of the amazing innovation that is built into an Max, like RightTime fall-away, the Ultra SlimLine launcher, the DoubleDown brake and FireFall design (the launcher stays up when you let down) — but without the micro-adjustability.

  • Fulltime arrow containment. Spot & stalk or windy days, your arrow is always contained until the shot.
  • Thumbock - Easy to pre-cock. 46% more vane accuracy.
  • The rest stays up on let down and only falls when shot.
  • Precision ball bearing drive offers smooth operation and unmatched accuracy.
  • New vault lock cord drive design allows you to make quick, accurate adjustment, and provides a quick way to change cord if needed.
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